The Irish Lottery has made some changes

When did the new changes to the Irish Lotto come into effect?

These changes that came into effect on Saturday the 5th of September.  

The Official Irish Lottery is responsible for making these changes and Lottoland amended our Play Slips to reflect these amendments.  These changes were made to our Play Slips following  the draw on Wednesday the 2nd September.

What were the main changes Lottoland made to the Irish Lottery on the site?

To submit one line you are required to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 47.  

An additional Prize Tier was added to those offered.  An extra prize tier for matching 2 main numbers and the Bonus Ball was also added.

The price for each line will be increased to £2.00

How will this affect my chances of winning?

The 2 additional main numbers added to the selection will lengthen the odds of matching the Jackpot Prize Tier.  This will lead to less Jackpot wins and higher Jackpot prizes being offered.

The addition of the new Prize Tier for matching 2 numbers and the Bonus Ball will mean the odds of winning a prize will increase overall. 

What will happen to my current Lotto bet for the Irish Lottery?

We are pleased to confirm that we will not be making any changes to current Lotto bets or cancelling subscriptions.  These Lotto bets will continue to run at the price they we entered at. 

If you wish to amend any subscription ticket to include the one or both of the additional numbers, the existing subscription would need to be closed and a new ticket submitted.

How can I view the full changes?

For full changes to the Irish Lottery, please use the following links:

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