Bitcoin Scratchcard

The world’s going Bitcoin bonkers, and so are we! That’s why we’ve created the world’s very first Bitcoin scratchcard with a bundle of Bitcoin as the top prize.

The top prize for this scratchcard will be 10 Bitcoins.  However, since the card itself cannot credit a winner in Bitcoins, it is set up to pay out €150,000!!!

Bitcoin Scratch terms and conditions

1. The Bitcoin Scratch top prize is based on the result of the Bitcoin Scratch card.
2. The Bitcoin Scratch costs 1 EUR (or currency equivalent) to play.
3. The top tier prize for the Bitcoin Scratch is valued at €150,000 (or currency equivalent), upon winning the top prize this amount will automatically be credited to your account.
4. If you are lucky enough to win the top prize you have the option, at your election, to take the cash equivalent or to convert your prize into 10 Bitcoins.
5.The cash equivalent will be capped at €150,000 (or currency equivalent). Should you elect to convert the prize to 10 Bitcoins, the full €150,000 (or currency equivalent) will be removed from your account and 10 Bitcoins will be paid into your Bitcoin wallet. Should the value of 10 Bitcoins exceed €150,000 (or currency equivalent) at the time of winning (valuation will be based on the value of a bitcoin as displayed at 9:30 pm (Central European Time) on the day of the winning purchase as shown on, you will still be credited 10 Bitcoins. Should the value of 10 Bitcoins be less than €150,000 (or currency equivalent) at the time of winning, any excess cash amount will be forfeit.
6. Should you choose to take the 10 Bitcoins, please contact customer services with your request quoting your account number.
7. Due to the volatile nature of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, we reserve the right to adjust the product on an on-going basis to keep it relevant with Bitcoin value.
8. Lottoland reserves the right to amend the price per bet at any point for whatever reason.
9. Lottoland reserves the right to amend or withdraw this product at any point for whatever reason.
10. Lottoland Limited general terms and conditions apply:


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