Where can I view my Lotto bets and scratchcards on my account?

Can I view my Lotto bets in my Player Account?

You are free to view all your Lotto bets at any time by signing into your player account and choosing 'My Activity' from the drop down menu.
Choose 'Lotto bet' from the options to the top right and your Lotto bet History will be displayed.

You can hide the inactive Lotto bets by ticking the box to the top left as labeled.  This will allow you to clearly view all Lotto bets in-play.

To view the Bet Slip for an individual Lotto bet, please click on the Lotto bet reference number.

Are my Scratchcards shown here too?

Yes.  Please follow the same steps above by when you look to the options offered to the top right, choose 'Scratchcards' instead of 'Lotto bet'

The Scratchcards that you have not played yet and are still open are listed to the top half of the page.  Underneath are listed all the closed Scratchcards you have already played.

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