How can I set up a subscription on my Lotto bet?

What will adding the Subscription feature or JackpotHunt Subscription mean for my Lotto bet?

The Subscription features allows you to set up a running Lotto bet

You can be sure you never miss a draw with your favourite lines entered automatically.

The JackpotHunt subscription feature will automatically enter your Lotto bet into all future draws until the current (and growing!) Jackpot is won by yourself or another player.  Tick the 'Hunt' subscription box when you are creating your Lotto bet and do not miss the draw when your jackpot is hit!

Below are details on how to submit a Lotto bet and activating the Subscription feature or JackpotHunt feature.

1. Sign into your Lottoland Player Account
2. Click on the Lottery tab you wish to place a lotto bet for
3. From the drop down menu, please click on 'To bet slip'
4. Choose your numbers. To the top left of each slip the number of remaining numbers required for each line is displayed.
5. To activate the Subscription feature, please tick the 'Sub' box in the Duration Section.  You will also be required to choose the billing period for the bet from weekly, every 2, 4, 8, 26 or 52 weeks.
    If you prefer the JackpotHunt Subscription, please tick the 'Hunt' box in the Duration Section.  The default billing period is weekly, as this will action following each draw if the Jackpot is not won.
6. Once your line/lines are entered, click on 'Submit'
7. To redeem any promotion code, enter now by choosing 'Bonus or promotional code' and entering the details
8. You can choose from Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafe for payment.
    Follow the prompts to enter the required data.
9. 'Confirm and submit' and your Lotto bet is entered into the draw.

What happens next?

A 'Confirmation e-mail' with Lotto bet details will be forwarded to you
You can also view your Lotto bet  by signing into your Player Account and choosing 'My Activity' from the drop down menu.

Do you notify me of the draw result?

Following each draw, a 'Notification e-mail' is forwarded to each Player who place a Lotto bet.  
This e-mail will inform you if the Lotto bet was successful and you have a win to claim, or alternatively on this occasion you we not lucky enough to match enough numbers to win a prize.

Where can I view the amount I won?

All wins will be credited to your Lottoland Player Account Balance once the Official Lottery has been drawn and verified.  
To view your win, please sign into your Player Account and choose 'My Transactions' from the drop down menu.

How are the renewal payments taken?

The subscription bets will renew automatically following the final draw on your submitted bet.  If you have a 1-week subscription, then this will be a weekly payment.  
However, if you have a 4-week subscription, the billing period is every 4 weeks.

In the case of a JackpotHunt bet, the renewal will follow each draw if the Jackpot has not been won.  Once the Jackpot is won, the bet will close automatically.

The recurring payments for these renewals will be made from any available balance you have in your Lottoland Player Account Balance.  If this amount does not cover the full renewal cost for the bet, the additional payment will be automatically made from your registered payment card.   

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