How do I check my Lottoland bet after the draw to see how much I have won?

Do you notify me of the draw result?

Following each draw, a 'Notification e-mail' is forwarded to each Player who submitted a bet.  
This e-mail will inform you if the bet was successful and you have a win to claim, or alternatively on this occasion you we not lucky enough to match enough numbers to win a prize.

Where can I view the amount I won?

All wins will be credited to your Lottoland Player Account Balance once the Official Lottery has confirmed all Prize Tier payouts.  
To view your win, please sign into your Player Account and choose 'My Transactions' from the drop down menu.

Can I place further Lottoland bets with the win or do I need to claim the win back to my bank account?

You can claim your win back to any Bank Card you have previously registered and used on our site to make a purchase or directly to your Bank Account if you wish.

Alternatively, the win can be used to place further Lottoland bets or scratchcards.  

When placing a bet, Lottoland will always use your Deposited Balance for payment first. If this balance does not cover the cost, then we use your Withdrawable Balance (winnings).
Any remaining payment will then be requested from your registered Bank Card or you will be prompted to add payment details while in the Cart.

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