How can I claim my winnings back to my Bank Card or Bank Account?

Can I claim it back to my Bank Card?

You can claim your win back to any Bank Card you have previously registered and used on our site to make a purchase or directly to your Bank Account if you wish.
If you have not registered your Bank Card to your Lottoland Site by using it to make a purchase previously, unfortunately you cannot claim the win back to the card.
When no Bank Card has been used on the site previously, any winnings will be paid out to your Bank Account by a transfer of funds.

How can I claim the win back to my registered Bank Card?

You are able to withdraw your winnings back to the registered Bank Card by signing into your account and choosing 'My Transactions' from the drop down menu.
Simply choose the amount you wish to withdraw and then press the withdraw button.

How can I claim the win back to my Bank Account?

Alternatively, to return winnings to your bank account please complete the payout section in My transactions.

1) Click Add bank account (BIC/IBAN)
2) SWIFT/BIC details - This is your Bank Identifier Code.
3) IBAN details - This is your International Bank Account Number.
4) Click Add.

Please note that the Bank Identifier Code & International Bank Account Number can usually be found on your bank statements. However you can ask for these details from your bank who will provide them for you.

This is an example of an IBAN number - please enter all details without a space.
IBAN: GB29RBOS60161331926819

This is an example of a BIC number: RBOSGB2L or RBOSGB2LXXX

Here is a website where you can check your BIC details:;DIRECTORIES=bQg7StkQLt2hCRn1hLctBShYHJkCKtLVzwXQ14pPkQ4nnThnKpv3!1433241067

Can I view the payout details of my winnings?

You can view the payout to your bank account at any time.  Sign into your Player Account and choose 'My Transactions' from the drop down menu.
We request the payment for you immediately and the money is transferred to your bank details within a few working days.

Can the win be used to place further Lottoland Lottery bets or scratchcards.  

Yes.  When making any purchase, Lottoland will always use your Deposited Balance for payment first.  If this balance does not cover the cost, then we use your Withdrawable Balance (winnings).
Any remaining payment will then be requested from your registered Bank Card or you will be prompted to add payment details while in the Cart.

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