Jackpot Payout options

How are the US Lottery MegaMillions and PowerBall Jackpots paid out?

We replicate the pay-out structure of the Official Lotteries in America and therefore a 38% reduction is made in the total US Jackpots to reflect the tax an Official Lottery winner would pay.

The MegaMillions and PowerBall Jackpots can be paid out in the 30 year installments, with one annual payment being made for the 30 year term.  

Payment can also be offered as a lump sum and will be paid out at 60% of the total value of the annuity amount.

How are all the other Lottery Jackpots paid out through your self?

Concerning all other Lotteries, the Jackpot prize as a lump sum payment.
(exceptions are the Cash4Life Jackpot that will be paid monthly)

Do you pay out all the other prize tiers offered in a lump sum?

Yes.  All other Prize Tiers on all the Lotteries we offer are paid in a lump sum at the time of the draw.

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