How do I unsubscribe from the Lottoland newsletter?

What Notification options do you offer on a Player Account?

Lottoland offer 2 Notification settings on your Player Account.
'E-mail- don't miss a thing' will allow you to receive all promotions and discounts we offer our Players on a weekly basis.  You will also receive all Account Notifications too.
'E-mail - account details only' will stop all promotional e-mails being forwarded to you and in the future you would receive just Account Notification e-mails

I wish to stop receiving the promotional e-mails from Lottoland.

To unsubscribe from our newsletters please go to 'My Account' and edit the Notifications from 'E-mail- don't miss a thing' to 'Email - account details only'.

This means you will only receive important account information such as bet confirmations and any winnings emails.  This is the minimum setting we can offer on an active account.

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