Can I add more payment methods or delete old ones from my account?

How can I add new Bank Cards to my Player Account?

You can always add more Bank Cards to your Lottoland Account.
To do this, when you are in the Cart for your next purchase, simply view the data already stored on the link. There you can enter additional account information.
Alternatively, you can also invest in "My transactions" by adding funds in credit packages with a simple link.

Can I remove my Bank Card details from my Lottoland Player Account?

Yes, you can remove your registered Bank Card at any time.  
To remove your Bank Card as your Payment Method, please sign into your Player Account and choose 'My Transactions' from the drop down menu.
Under the heading 'Payment Method' click on edit and you will be able to void your original Bank Card information.
Please just click on the 'Dustbin Icon' and the Bank Card details will be voided for you.

Can I edit my registered Bank Card details?

If you wish edit your expiry date on the registered Bank Card, you can do this by going to 'My Transactions' and clicking on Payment Methods.
You will be offered the chance to amend the expiry date only on the Bank Card details.

No other registered details can be edited on your Bank Card.  If you require any other information to be changed, please void the Bank Card and then enter the new Bank Card details when submitting your next bet or scratchcard.

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