What do I do if the payment for the Lottoland bet does not work?

We are sorry if your payment for your Lottoland bet has not run smoothly.

Below are listed some of the common issues Players can experience and the solution to these issues.

I have clicked on 'Submit' in the Cart and the payment icon keeps circling but does not complete the transaction

This is generally a glitch in the upload of the site and can be easily fixed by exiting the site and then signing back into your Player Account.
Clearing your device of Caches and Cookies in History can help the reload of the site run more smoothly.

When you sign back into the account, your bets will still be awaiting you in the Cart and will not need to be re-created again.  Just click on the Cart icon to the top right of the Landing Site and you will be back ready to submit the bet.

I am continuing to have difficulty making the transaction in the Cart.

Please check first your Internet browser. In older versions, unfortunately it is possible that the payment does not work properly.

Also make sure that your browser allows third-party cookies. Payment processing the lottery country runs through the PCI-DSS certified service Adyen, whose server is also the input mask for the payment data is loaded. Some Internet browsers (eg new versions of Firefox) classify this as a third party.

If you have any doubts, please try using an alternative browser to enable the transaction to complete.

I cannot make my payment and have cleared my History and tried a different browser.

Please use the Live Chat tab to the right-hand side of the Landing Site.  Our Customer Service Operatives will be happy to answer your queries for you immediately.

You can also send us an e-mail to support@lottoland.com and we will respond to this message for you.  
Alternatively, you can use the 'Support & Feedback' tab to the right of the Landing Site to send an e-mail to us directly.

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