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  1. Current Topics 

    1. What is Magic Million on EuroMillions?
    2. Why does EuroMillions cost 50p less at Lottoland?
    3. Why are your jackpots bigger than those available on the official draws?
    4. Customer Service Hours for the United Kingdom
    5. How do I verify my Player Account as a resident of the UK?
  2. About Lottoland 

    1. What is Lotto Betting?
    2. Are my winnings with Lottoland guaranteed to be paid out?
    3. Will my payment data be securely stored?
    4. Do you have a record of the Lottery draw results?
    5. Does Lottoland buy tickets on my behalf?
  3. Submitting a Bet 

    1. How do I create and submit a new Lotto bet?
    2. Where can I view my Lotto bets and scratchcards on my account?
    3. How do I place a new lotto bet with my winnings?
    4. What is the Subscription feature?
    5. What is the JackpotHunt subscription?
  4. How to claim your winnings 

    1. How do I check my Lottoland bet after the draw to see how much I have won?
    2. How can I claim my winnings back to my Bank Card or Bank Account?
    3. Do I pay tax on my winnings?
    4. Jackpot Payout options
  5. Your Account 

    1. How do I open a new account?
    2. How do I edit my registered personal details on my Player Account?
    3. How can I reset my password?
    4. How do I unsubscribe from the Lottoland newsletter?
    5. How can I delete my account?
  6. Payment methods and information 

    1. What are my options for payment?
    2. Can I add more payment methods or delete old ones from my account?
    3. What do I do if the payment for the Lottoland bet does not work?
    4. How can I view the transactions on my Player Account?
  7. Scratchcard Games 

    1. Instant Millionaire Scratchcard
    2. 100K Scratchcard
    3. 777 Scratchcard
    4. 33 Chances Scratchcard
    5. Don't worry, be happy Scratchcard
  8. All articles 

    1. Instant Millionaire Scratchcard
    2. How do I check my Lottoland bet after the draw to see how much I have won?
    3. What is Lotto Betting?
    4. Euromillion UK winner - explanation on winnings allocated
    5. 100K Scratchcard
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